J’iuveness Active Organic Skincare

The uniqueness of J’iuveness is best summarised with Active Organic Skincare. This is our concept for producing real, long-term effects on the skin, without damaging or interfering with the natural processes of the body and nature.

With Active Organic Skincare you will be sure to get the very best, most effective products, created by specialists in a clean and scientific manner. These products reach deep into the skin to provide it with all the nutrients needed. No artificial ”quick fix” for superficial, temporary beauty.


We work only with natural minerals and organic, plant-based ingredients that interact to soften and protect the skin, while strengthening its own functions. All ingredients are fully and clearly declared.

By harnessing the inherent powers of nature’s own ingredients, we can obtain long-term, sustainable effects on skin and hair. We also contribute to reducing the damage done by humanity on the very nature that provides us with these beneficial ingredients.

Only natural ingredients

The contents of your skincare products not only affect you as an individual. For example, mineral oils dehydrate the skin, and they also lack biodegradability. Therefore, products from J’iuveness only contain renewable, plant-based oils, cold pressed and essential. This contributes to a more sustainable use of natural resources.

Our ingredients are organic and many of them are certified. Most come from the plant kingdom, but many important ingredients are minerals, taken from the ground, such as Kaolin and Silica.

Our products never contain synthetic ingredients, such as emulsifiers, preservatives or mineral oils. Such substances often decompose very slowly in nature, and they lack fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Our packaging

For our packaging philosophy, we have set up a number of requirements:

Environmentally friendly bottle. Our bottles turn into water vapour and carbon dioxide during combustion and this actually means that you can throw them into household waste.

Customer-friendly bottle. With our vacuum pumps, the customer gets everything out of the bottle. If you remove the dosing pump when the bottle is empty, nothing is left!

Hygienic bottle. With our vacuum bottles, we can reduce the preservation to a minimum. We a completely natural and eco-certified preservation, because the vacuum bottle does not allow any bacteria to enter.

Light weight bottle. Transport has a great impact on the environment. Lightweight packaging saves both the environment and this helps us keep consumer prices down as there will be lower transport costs.

Environmental certified labels that turn into water vapour during combustion. The colours we use in printing on labels are eco-labelled watercolours. Our packing material consists exclusively of recycled paper and corrugated cardboard.

Development and quality control

As research expands our knowledge and users’ needs evolve, we are constantly improving existing and new products and processes. All ingredients are controlled in laboratories before they can be used in our products. And, all products are tested in laboratories before they can be sold.

No animal testing

We never test our ingredients or end products on animals.

Founded 2014

Founded in 2014 in Stockholm Sweden by Ann Cisse, with a focus on developing a skin care brand of organic products with a luxurious feeling, packed in environmentally friendly packaging.